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I-DEP is the Premier Provider
of Live Internet Depositions,
Live Internet Trials and
Legal Videography

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I-DEP Deposition Services

Internet Deposition
Remote participants receive live audio/video and realtime transcript directly to an office computer via a secure internet connection. A chat system allows communication and collaboration among onsite and offsite attorneys and experts. This patented servce is now widely delivered by a network of LiveFeed´┐Ż local affiliates, enabling you to attend depositions on short-notice as well as attain more competetive pricing.  

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Legal Videography
I-DEP provides nationwide, onsite Legal Videography services. Our attractive pricing allows organizations to control their legal video costs by eliminating the wide range of pricing fees associated with locally contracted services. I-DEP also offers a significant savings on legal video services combined with the Internet Deposition service.   LEARN MORE...

Video Production
As a full-service video provider, I-DEP performs all of its video work in-house which eliminates unnecessary costs to subcontractors and insures a high-level of quality. Services include: Videotape Conversion, Video Clip Creation and Video to Transcript Synchronization for Sanction II, Trial Director, Visionary and LiveNote.

Court Reporting Scheduling
I-DEP maintains an extensive network of professional realtime court reporting firms nationwide. For complex litigation, I-DEP assigns a team of court reporters to each case to insure the details and requirements for the case are not lost with the regular assignment of new reporters. I-DEP also provides fixed, nationwide pricing agreements.

Live Courtroom Participation
I-DEP offers secure live courtroom participation for counsel to consult with support staff back at the office and experts at remote locations. Remote participants can chat suggestions and research back to the trial attorney in realtime during the trial. Bring all the capabilities of your "war room" along with you at a significantly reduced cost.