What is Collaborative Divorce?

What is collaborative divorce? This type of divorce is where one or both parties are seeking the advice and support from an attorney who practices collaborative law. Collaborative law, also called collaborative family law, divorce or domestic relations law, is a comprehensive legal method that permits divorcing couples to negotiate their case with an attorney who practices collaborative law. Divorce can be extremely emotional and complex for the individuals involved in it; therefore, many people find that working through a collaborative legal system makes the process easier on them and that their attorney does not have to devote as much time to their case.

Collaborative DivorceWhat is collaborative divorce?
When two parties are married, one or both of the parties may seek the advice and assistance of collaborative divorce attorneys. This method of settling a divorce case allows both parties to enter into a court-mandated agreement that is supported by a team of legal experts. The legal representatives of each party then take part in negotiations with the other party’s lawyer. These negotiations result in a written agreement that is filed with the courts.

A collaborative divorce takes place in a setting that is completely controlled by the lawyers. For instance, when child specialists and psychologists attend meetings organized by a collaborative divorce attorney, they are under the supervision of the professionals’ lawyer. Furthermore, when these professionals attend meetings they do so alone, without discussing their cases with anybody else. In many instances, collaborative divorce lawyers Olympia may even advise one party to stay away from another after the completion of the agreement.

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This method of divorce is also popular because it results in lower court costs for the divorcing parties. Since the parties negotiate everything out of court, there is no need to use trial lawyers to conduct discovery and to prepare and file divorce papers. When parties negotiate their own agreements, they are able to save tens of thousands of dollars on fees associated with divorce litigation. As a result, the average divorce settlement costs about $3K.

Another advantage of collaborative divorce Seattle is that it can help those involved deal with post-divorce life changes, like employment and housing. A divorce mediation service is especially helpful for those who want to continue working with the former spouse or children, but need assistance in creating a transition plan. A divorce mediation service may involve both parties and professional divorce mediators. These services use a round table format where the spouses sit at a central table and discuss issues with the other spouse. Some collaborative divorce services incorporate legal research into the discussions as well. Divorce mediation can be an effective alternative dispute resolution (ADR) method when both parties are unable to resolve their issues through more conventional means.

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Overall, collaborative divorce allows divorcing couples to address their issues through professionally developed documents that are designed to address individual concerns. It ensures that both parties cooperate and avoid prolonged court battles, while still providing their children with the stability and continuity that they would enjoy if the spouses stayed married. Each spouse must decide what they will do to facilitate the divorce process, and each party must make decisions about child custody, visitation, property division, and other relevant issues. The courts will consider all of the information that is presented in the parenting plans, and will make a decision about custody and other issues based on the best interests of the child or children.

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