Prenatal Testing and How Does It Work?

Prenatal testing Nashville is being performed popularly all over the world today. The new advancements in medicinal grounds has allowed to parents to become aware of any genetic orders of their baby while it is still in fetus stage. The process of testing any prior genetic disorders of a fetus is called prenatal genetic testing and can be done in a drug testing center nashville tn.


Genetic Disorders


An alteration in a person’s chromosomes and genes causes genetic disorders. Some of these disorders are as follows:

  • Aneuploidy: where there is a missing or extra chromosome.
  • Trisomy: where there is an extra chromosome.
  • Monosomy: where there is a missing chromosome.


Alterations in genes have different disorders. These changes are caused by gene mutation such as sickle cell anemia, cystic fibrosis, Tay-Sach diseases. in both cases, both parents must have same genes in order to have an affected child.


Types of Prenatal Genetic Tests


There are two types of prenatal genetic tests to detect genetic disorders.

The first type is called prenatal screening test. These tests screen your fetus and tell you if your fetus has aneuploidy along with any other kind of genetic disorders. The second type of prenatal diagnostic test. This kind of test tells you whether your fetus has certain genetic disorders. However, this process is slightly different from prenatal screening test. In this test, test is done on cells from the fetus or placenta obtained through chorionic villus sampling or amniocentesis.


Types of prenatal screening tests


The prenatal screening further falls into two sub categories namely carrier screening test and prenatal genetic screening test.

Carrier screening is done on parents by attaining their blood sample or DNA samples. These tests are made to see if the parent carries a particular gene for certain inherited disorders. Carrier screening test can either be taken before or after pregnancy.

The second type of prenatal screening test is done by taking the pregnant woman’s blood sample and results from ultrasound reports. The test is done to find if the fetus has aneuploidy, any defects in brain or spine known as neural tube defects. This test can also be performed to determine defects in abdomen, heart and facial features.


What is meant by different results of blood screening tests?


Results of blood screening test for aneuploidy are recorded as the level of possibility of having a disorder.

If the result comes positive for aneuploidy, then this means that the fetus is at a high risk of having the disorder against the average of general population. However, there is no confirmation.

If the result comes negative, then it means that the fetus is at lower risk of having the disorder as compared to average rate of disorders. Nonetheless, final verdict cannot be given.


For safe play, all pregnant women can for diagnostic testing with CVS or amniocentesis which gives a more definite result. Although, it is recommended to consult your obstetrician or genetic counselor to remain on the safe side.


All in all, it is recommended to have a prenatal tests beforehand so you can take necessary steps.


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